Kade Woodrow

Goalie Trainer
Kade Headshot

Kade grew up in Warman and has been playing hockey since he was 5 and goalie since he was 7. His favorite NHL team is the Tampa Bay Lightning and his favorite goalie is Andrei Vasilevskiy. Kade just finished off his minor hockey career with the Warman AA Wildcats. In his years with Warman Minor Hockey he was award the MVP award for his team 6 times. Kade now plays with the Saskatoon Quakers as he gets his Engineering Degree at the University of Saskatchewan.

Kade’s higher level of hockey has taught him the value of doing the extra training and doing the extra work to become the best he can be. He spends a lot of the off season working on his skills and working out in the gym.

Kade hopes to bring his hard work ethic into the rink as he grows as a trainer and help pass down his knowledge of goaltending and hockey onto the next generation.